Ecosystems of Space Vacuum and Interaction of Civilizations in Multiverse
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Generation and evolution of both Universes and a Multiverse are by a technological process. In this process the emergence and evolution of the Worlds are side product. The reason of this is that an inhabited (biological) Worlds born only in very narrow range of temperatures, pressures, etc., and only in damp (moisture) places. The authors and performers of the project "Multiverse" are exclusively noo-technotronic machine civilizations. Being as the exclusively side product of this process, the places of origin and coevolution of inhabited worlds are scattered throughout the universes, but the time of their occurrence within the astronomical time scale are confined to a particular time range of evolution of universe with acceptable parameters of relict temperature and the microwave background.

All communities of Multiverse may be divided into two main groups - still pre-quantum (biological, bioroidnye, material, humanoid and not only) and already a long time ago post-quantum (completely intangible and absolutely non-human), if only a noo technotronic machineries that are creates multiverses in the depths of the quantum medium (superstring, multibrane, ...) can be called as civilizations in the conventional sense.

Volker Springel/Max Planck for Astrophysics

If we once postulated an infinity of multiverse as an Objectivity, then we come to the actual infinity of Races in the universe, with the inevitability of Objectivity. An actuality of cosmopolitics of dense but qualitatively heterogeneous set of self-development entities in the universe is explained by the actual infinity races and civilizations. Clarification of the circumstances of this phenomena is the purpose of site "Cosmopolitics as the interaction of civilizations in Multiverse."

A cosmopolitics transcendentally dominates over of any geopolitics of any Race in a universe, being extremely rational and selfish, without any signs of morality. It is believed that the geopolitical vector of an evolution of "primitive" races (especially modern civilizations of the Earth as a race) is obvious. The question is, what laws govern entry into the world of higher technology, what laws govern humanity growth in an environment of other races and civilizations. Finally, what rules must be followed for successful survival in world of a modern a geopolitics under external cosmopolitics influence?

This site is devoted to purely scientific questions of formation and development of a cosmopolitics as a science. An unavoidable errors will be detected and corrected.

Physicists-theorists give a World as open champagne, where each an expanding bubble - is one universe (the figure above) with his cosmological constant, and which has its own "parallel" clones. However, any "non physical" issues are not considered, because they are outside the competence of the physicists.

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